Extreme BeanBoozled 12th Birthday

          For those unfamiliar with the game, Extreme BeanBoozled is a collection of disgusting flavored Jelly Beans that challenges both young and old with “Are you brave enough?  Not for the scaredy cats or whiners. Extreme BeanBoozled is only for the brave and daring. No safety nets. No good flavors. No relief.” To give you an idea of the flavors, the selection includes Dirty Dish Water, Skunk Spray, Barf, Rotten Egg, Dead Fish and Booger. Seems like a perfect birthday game for a bunch of tweens trying to entertain themselves during a COVID friendly, co-hort of just five boys.

                Our birthday tradition always includes a trip to the local candy store, Scrumptious. They have literally every kind of candy including the old school, nostalgic goodies like Candy Cigarettes, Fun Dip, Razzles and Pop Rocks.  This trip was a pee your pants, tears in your eyes, belly laugh moment watching each boy eat their unfortunate bean choice. The Academy Award for best Jelly Bean drama goes to Brig.

                 After each boy selected their candy allotment, we took the party outside. As with all birthday parties, I’m usually watching the time, thinking, “only one more hour before everyone goes home and I can get back to some me time and a cocktail.”  A few rounds in, several of the boys had already chickened out. The remaining three were using the time-tested system of eeny, meenyminymoe to pick the next bean, when Brig lands on Skunk Spray. Really, there’s no good choice, so I figured it can’t be any worse than his previous turns. The great part is I have the entire thing on video. The question is should I share this without parental permission? Crap, probably not, but it is so hysterical that I’m giggling just thinking about it.

                I’ll do my best to transcribe. Lots of excited chatter among the boys as Brig says, “I think I’m going to spit this one out boys.” Birthday boy, “no don’t. Brig, you can do this.” Hubby, “we believe in you Brig.” They start chanting “eat..eat..eat,” as his head moves in a whiplash motion, while gagging repeatedly ending in the grand finale of a small puddle of vomit on the sidewalk. The crowd goes wild. I guess we’re all desperate for entertainment these days, so I laughed a little too hard. However, he shook it off easily and seemed to be proud of his puddle. We may have started another right of passage to teen hood. How will we top the Scrumptious trip next year?

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